Tuesday, 27 November 2012


The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and THE TIMES too are chocka with utter crap that the BRITISH PRESS since the 1690's has always been free and unrestricted - especially by the STATE. One proseletising outfit - with full page spreads has been proclaiming the same - they're all crapping-on about the possibility that LEVESON due to report on Thursday will for the first time place restrictions on  press freedom ... mamma mia .. oh my ... oh my.  All this media bullshit might have more merit if it were HISTORICALLY TRUE - which it ABSOLUTELY IS NOT.

There were all kinds of historical measures resorted to on purpose to stop a UK free media.  Clock below the cover spread of PATRICIA HOLLIS's 300 plus page 1970 (OUP) fine unforgettable study "THE PAUPER PRESS - A Study in Working Class Radicalism of the 1830's".  Immediately below the two images is the brief introductory blurb from the inner wrap of the Hollis book's cover:

"From 1830, illegal, unstamped and abusively class-conscious papers - 
like the Bonnet Rouge, the Destructive, and the Poor Man's Guardian - 
appeared on the London streets.  They dismayed respectable reformers 
and outraged the guardians of the peace, but by 1836 their sales far 
surpassed those of the stamped  press.  This study describes the 
unstamped press and the turbulent underground radicalism of the Reform 
years from which it emerged. It analyses its style and its heroes, its sellers 
and its finances, and its elaborate economic and political theory: and it 
shows how this Pauper Press helped to form the language and create 
the leaders of Chartism".

Clock too the above repro from COLLET DOBSON COLLET's (1933) study "HISTORY OF THE TAXES ON KNOWLEDGE - Their Origin and Repeal".  The unstamped press came into being because the 1830's Regency pre Victorian State -- enforced a high stamp duty tax on every single individual newspaper on purpose which made them (including THE TIMES) too expensive for the UK poor either to purchase or themselves produce. The Regency era ruling class were absolutely set against the democratic working class political aspirations of those times being publicised and promoted by using media of any kind - and the high stamp duty was enforced to absolutely stop those aspirations. That was an absolute limitation on the freedom of the press.  Aspirant working class activists no matter produced very many cheap editions of their own which charged no stamp duty and so were illegal altho thus affordable. These working class producers and their vendors were systematically rounded-up and over a thousand were imprisoned for their democratic principled activism. And here we are now in pre Leveson 2012 being offered acres of utter media garbage BY JOURNALISTS that the UK press has never been shackled or restricted.  Never mind the utter bollocks lets have some truth!! 

Monday, 12 November 2012


Put protective gloves on and left CLICK ONCE and then AGAIN on the above image to read the filth and lowdown on TOE RAG BLAIR's latest attempts at environmental and human pollution. Clock the name of the barely overt outfit he's dreamt up - no where near as easily onto the tip of the forked tongue as WMD or 45 MINUTES from Irak attack. Oh no. It is to be hoped that SCUM BAG TWO ALISTAIR CAMPBELL wont feel too "depressed".  Good on CAMDEN NEW JOURNAL for showing out as they have done that TOE RAG is UNWELCOME - must have been a touch tortuous finding such a polite vocabulary to accomodate for the scum in question. Well you can tell it was quite some task by the sentence construction. London University will sure have to be decontaminated. In the above CNJ texts also clock the low life below ground level murky perambulations of Dr John Reid.  It sure isn't badgers they should be culling.