Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Home Secretary Reid plans “LLOGOSBO's" for ANTI SOCIAL LAMBETH COUNCIL.

As part of the government’s planned crack-down on serious-disorganised-slime-crime, to be debated in Parliament this very week, Home Secretary John Reid, will unveil plans to impose ASBO type control orders - LLOGOSBO's - on local authority officials,“Cabinet” level council members, and other member-level riff-raff believed to be deeply implicated in offensive and “serious-organised-slime” type anti-social policy dis-intiatives.

Specifically targeted at crap Lambeth Council, the anti-slime anti-crime control-type orders (known as LLOGOSBO’s) will go down a treat with many local people sick to the back teeth with witnessing Lambeth’s year-on-year prevarication and procrastination.

As one old campaigner still dressed in the self protective clothing he’d worn to meet Home Secretary Reid (including air filters) explained: "these Lambeth LOcal GOvernment Shit Bag OrderS are just what the doctor ordered. Why it is that these total cop-outs can get up on their high horses to clamp down on youths for daring to hang about on street corners while the Council has done nothing at all to provide public toilets for those who badly need them, and as a result quite apart from adding insult to injury, these LLOGOSBO losers are responsible for all the slime and shit accumulations up Dunkers Alley. And never forget this - it was Shit Bag Lambeth Council who closed our toilets in the first place”.

Dunkers Alley refers to the Clapham main road footpath cul-de-sac much used after the above closure for nearly 20 years as a public toilet.

Friday, 12 January 2007

"LAMBETH life-let-down" starring "ELLA-COP-OUT"

This is the lady - see earlier posts - who edits "LAMBETH life" the Lambeth Council propaganda monthly. In kilroy's lavatory-wall-opinion it regularly wastes acres of space and carries items that are hardly worth the paper they are printed on. It is all too self congatulatory. Since November Council Leader Steve Reed has run a page 3 (fully clothed of course) "column". January has him (predictably) churning out how committed he is to coming down really hard on anti-social- behaviour - he doesn't remotely mean (of course) Lambeth Council's own anti-social-behaviour - by which kilroy means the Council's disgusting and historically still un-reformed many public toilet closures over the past 2 decades. Last September - two weeks AFTER a local "Clapham and Stockwell Area Committee" meeting which had put the Council on the spot a little re the lack of public toilet provision in Stockwell Ella-Cop-Out put out a "Lambeth life" press release (this was not at the time of the meeting but 2 weeks later) spinning what a fantastic meeting had been held and "what great news" there now was re local public toilets - see earlier posts below.

The curious thing is that at that time she had also emailed an enquirier to say that the lack of public toilet provision was not the kind of matter that would be written about in "LAMBETH life" and she also confessed to have never heard of the GREATER LONDON ASSEMBLY report "AN URGENT NEED" (published early 2006) which clarified the history of local authority London-wide toilet closures and had called for urgent local authority action to correct what had happend and what was STILL being almost totally ignored.

On 24 October a launch campaign meeting for the GLA "AN URGENT NEED" report was held at Lambeth Town Hall. It was organised by London-wide pensioners organisations and not sponsored in any way by Lambeth Council. There was no appreciable attendance by Council staff or Councillors. There were no Lambeth "press releases" pre or post about this meeting - none from Ella-Cop-Out - indeed Ella-Cop-Outs "LAMBETH life" propaganda rag (to date) has still not once reported in any shape or form whatsoever in "LAMBETH life" about the lack of and now recognised urgent need for local public toilet provision. It is curious that Cop-Out put out her late "great news" Stockwell Toilets "press release" but has stedfastly maintained strict radio silence on the subject in "LAMBETH life" itself. On some fronts Lambeth Council simply refuses to engage in general democratic debate and disclosure on this problem. Another culprit in all this must of course also be Lambeth Councillor Lib Peck who has the primary responsibility for public toilet provision.

Remember the name -- remember the publication
Ella-Cop-Out -- "LAMBETH life" .
Ella-Cop-Out -- "LAMBETH life let down".

Monday, 8 January 2007

"SHIT MAN" whispered the dude

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Sunday, 7 January 2007



Certain local worthies (politicians, political activists etc., especially ex Councillor Bottrall - see earlier posting - and Stockwell Partnership) who were on the receiving end of this surprise item of poetic publicity were "caught short". I gather that in the months following there was a "flurry of (council and other) emails". Within a month to two as a consequental reaction the ages old much used (and abused) access route onto and off my housing estate was shut down causing hardship for local people - for instance to the elderly and mothers with children - whose nearest most efficient route to the local bus stops was provided by this pathway. This closure hasn't caused much hardship to Clapham Road road drinkers and pedestrians needing to access the pathway entrance cul-de-sac area to relieve themselves . With no sign beyond Talk-A-Thon of a Stockwell Public Toilet in the offing this short cul-de-sac pathway ("DUNKERS ALLEY") remains the most popular place for the male "caught short" community. How on earth female victims survive remains a mystery.

Saturday, 6 January 2007


I wish Blogging were not so like walking backwards to christmas. My first posting to this blog touched on a number of matters which might not ordinarily be expected to fall within the compass of STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH. That pattern is bound to repeat itself.

For thereabouts 20 years public toilets across London have been closing. Not because of their inadequate facilities as such but for other reasons – to cut budgets. They were a soft target. Sonya and Joe Public could suffer in isolation and silence. As a local government officer with (pre New Labour) Greenwich Council’s long since disbanded “Community Affairs Dept” my particular number through the 1980's was to work in support of the Council’s political objective of seeking greater local and London wide police accountability than had ever existed. We now have the (post Thatcher and post Greater London Council) “Metropolitan Police Authority” and while that is a step in the right direction it most certainly isn’t anything like up to scratch on a number of fronts and all manner of issues continually arise both locally and nationally which may or may not demonstrate its shortcomings.

The police slaughter of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell Tube Station in July 2005 has very much been a case in point. The MPA’s political response, which has has been abysmal, has confused and confounded many who'd assumed far better things from Mayor Livingstone and his entourage. There has never ever been such a nationally orchestrated and sus
tained media campaign of criticism specifically fingering a Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service. The problem is that aggrieved critics have not appreciated the politics and so have simply not grasped what has happened beyond their feelings of utter betrayal.

The "STOCKWELL sCRAPBOOK” was mainly produced to help expose the bare faced lack of progress being made locally to re-introduce public toilets. However the sCRAPBBOOK message was also intended to signify that that lack of progress was equally symptomatic of shortcomings on many other fronts too – including policing with the local slaughter of Jean Charles de Menezes being very much in mind and so his death, and the follow-up whitewash of the killer-police operation, was marked by the sCRAPBOOK inclusion of an item of Stockwell Station Menezes artwork.

Starring exBrixton exCommander Brian Paddick the STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH label was originally used as an ironically satirical description for one item (among others) of May 2005 pro toilet local election campaign ephemera and was intended to embarrass the Lib Dems for their total lack of initiative. No doubt police would much prefer STOCKWELL NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH.


Hi another 2006 "STOCKWELL sCRAPBOOK" special. Starring the "shit hot" local lib dem resurfacing and recycling poo poo cha boogi "A" team who were always in STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH sights. Never more so than in the run up to May 2006 local elections when senior "A" team posse member Cllr Anthony "bog-roll" Bottrall lost his "deposit". Fate indeed. Having been on the Stockwell "throne" for 12 years he hadn't "Focus'd" any appreciable attention at all on the dire need for public toilet re-provision. So it was rather up-lifting to see that in the local elections he got well and truly "caught short".

Friday, 5 January 2007


Taken from the 2006 summer "STOCKWELL sCRAPBOOK" I am confident that the Attorney General will NOT deem the well intentioned positive use of this mug-shot (without police permission) to be an indelicate infringement of Clare's "human rights". She is after all an escapee "on the run" (ex lifer) from Newt Labour. And she certainly could have been "caught short" because there are no local public loos and I understand that she lives locally with about a half mile walk home from Stockwell Tube Station. She certainly didn't close our loos back September 1988. Although that crudely performed ignoble deed WAS a Labour one, carried out by our local borough council. A late 8O's instance of ASBO behaviour by elected politicians. Try slapping an ASBO on that power elite posse. Or indeed on their successors. Fat chance.


The efforts of STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH to highlight and reduce local authority anti social behaviour are NOT funded by the Metropolitan Police, the Metropolitan Police Authority or Lambeth Borough Council. However they have had indirect support from the Greater London Authority arising from "AN URGENT NEED" a report published by the GLA in early 2006. This report reviewed the serious increase in the lack of public toilet provision London-wide over the past 2O year period. Unfortunately Lambeth's lack of provision figured much less in the above report than it clearly ought to have.

With an ear to current Association of Chief Police Officers advice I am temporarily postponing the publication of any images relating to Stockwell Toilet Watch because to do so might infringe the "human rights" of local Stockwell worthies who inevitably get "caught short" because since closure there have now been no local public toilets here for nigh on 2o year'.

In addition I would like to reassure all escapee long term prisoners hiding out in the Stockwell undergrowth (who have not yet been shot in error by police) that if they need to open their bowels or relieve their bursting bladders in this busy neighbourhood they will not be grassed up or otherwise publicly hounded. Not to the local police, or to the Council, or the media - the latter includes the in-house cop-out Council rag "LAMBETH life". In my next I hope to carry a brief illustrated review of last years two smelly little STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH publications including the "STOCKWELL sCRAPBOOK".

Meanwhile any readers who still remember the brutal slaughter in July 2005 at Stockwell Underground Station by police of the young brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes can enrol to participate with armed Metropolitan Police Firearms Units in mock-up anti-terrorist exercises. According to the London media (2 January) the Met are laying on these participatory "opportunities" to get their point of view across to those members of the public who concluded from the 22 July 2005 events that Met firearms officers had behaved in an over-zealous extremely trigger happy fashion. It is presumed that Sir Ian Blair, the Met Commissioner, has been informed that these mock-up counter propaganda exercises have been organised. Any reader who suspects that he may have been been kept in the dark could send him a polite missive as it may thus save substantial public funds by preventing yet another wasteful Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation. Reportedly rank and file Met' officers are currently shitting themselves because the I.P.C.C. is seriously threatening to have hearings for "serious police disciplinary offences" held in public. This is also an acute worry for STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH - given the 22 July 2005 events - because local officers might start needing to "dunk" in the Stockwell area where there are no public toilets. Ex Commander Paddick may yet be prevailed upon to re-visit the manor with his pooper-scooper.