Wednesday, 30 November 2011


ST GEORGE PLC who are developing THE TOWER on NINE ELMS LANE and in so doing are still putting nearby users of the adjacent roadways and pavements in serious danger have so far done zero to remove the dangers detailed on this blog - HERE - just a week or three ago. Lambeth Council were due to report back to local MP KATE HOEY by 25 November but as of yesterday had still failed to do so. The Council had made representations to TRANSPORT FOR LONDON and HOEY was given to understand that TFL on 11 November had already started drafting a response but so far nothing at all has materialised. HOEY is not alone in having raised the concerns, so too has ISHBEL BROWN the local LIB DEM Lambeth Vauxhall Councillor. She too is being kept in the dark so to speak but is continuing to pursue the matter. The VAUXHALL SOCIETY publicised concerns - HERE - about the highlighted DANGERS.

ST GEORGE PLC and the BERKELEY GROUP are hoping to turn NINE ELMS into an upmarket Knightsbridge Chelsea scene - see HERE. They certainly would never have got away with endangering the nearby road users and pedestrians in the manner they have at NINE ELMS had THE TOWER been under construction in Brompton Road or Sloan Street, Knightsbridge.

Local Lambeth's Senior Police Commander has been informed about the problem - which police ought to have sussed themselves from their patrols but hadn't of course - but so far no response of any obvious value whatever has been forthcoming.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


After being in the business for over a century THE POLICE REVIEW has this month shut up shop. The PR has published the weekly REVIEW and additionally has also published book length volumes. With the recent Court procedings very much in the news currently which highlight the case of DENZEL CASSIUS HARVEY who used the F word a couple of times when being searched by police who found nothing on him - and the appeal JUDGE BEAN chucking out the case against him because expletives were so common place, a lot of debate is now taking place in the media about the pros and cons of swearing especially in relation to police operations. And HERE'S the current MET COMMISSIONER also throwing in his two pence worth. This blogger over quite a lot of years now has had occasion to take an interest in policing and it required doing a fair old amount of reading - including of course media reports and police tomes of many kinds. From these endeavours it was impossible not to have discerned that police can be and often are extremely foul mouthed. This does not mean that they all eff and blind at everyone they encounter - of course they do not. But socially they are well known to be very foul mouthed and they are certainly extremely foul mouthed off the record so to speak even while going about their duties.

Over the many years of my endeavours re sussing cop ops and whatever the most foul mouthed book I ever read was the above volume YANKEE ONE AND GEORGE by DAVE BRADY a cop who was in on the April 1974 cop chase to arrest those who had robbed the LONDON ELECTRICITY BOARD payroll at Ilford. None of the robbers were apprehended during the actual chase although GEORGE DAVIS was subsequently and was fitted-up. The story is briefly told in wikipedia HERE and this blog has had historical items too - HERE and HERE.

The BRADY book (1984) was celebratory because DAVIS had been nicked again good and proper bang to rights on a bank robbery - he'd been hob nobbing socially with cops and they well knew the robbery was all set to go off so there they were ready to move in - see THE WARS OF ROSIE by ROSE DAVIS (2009). DAVIS was much less worthy than very many of those who'd originally campaigned for him.

Anyway the BRADY tome makes it clear on page after page after page that he and his co cops were extremely foul mouthed while on police patrols going about their business and certainly in the GEORGE DAVIS 1974 era. Expletives about each other as well as about those whom they are after absolutely litter page after page. It was astonishing that such an absolutely foul mouthed police tome should have been published by POLICE REVIEW. The politics had dictated that they should publish, the stakes were too high to miss a trick and not hit back at the GEORGE DAVIS IS INNOCENT OK! campaign. Cops, so accustomed to swearing their heads off, oughtn't to be too offended when they hear a four letter expletive - they are using them all the time on and off duty - it seems to matter not.

This is bullshit exageration? Cop hold of the volume and F---ING read for your F---ING self!!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


CRAIG MURRAY not a bad geezer is giving a 19th century Lancashire politician a spot hero worship - you can clock his hero worship blogspot HERE. BRIGHT was a free trader along with RICHARD COBDEN and various of their other other contemporaries. Of course the Free Traders were ape-shit crazy to repeal the Tory Corn Laws. Their politiking came to something of a head back in 1842 and they and some of their closest were doing lots to foment unrest and industrial action ... especially Up North.

There was some widespread industrial action and resultant disorders and in the Northern Areas where Bright and Co., held quite a lot of sway. There was a geat deal of contemporary Government concern about policing and how to cope if things got bad - as indeed they did. The central Government Home Dept concern - well one of the BIG concerns - was how could Tory appointed top cop officials in the industrial north cope with policing problems in those areas where pro free trade manufacturing and increasingly politically significant characters, could and were influencing the growth of disorders and associated rhetoric. It was BIG law and order polemics such as came about IN THIS ERA that probably greatly influnced the long term thereafter so that political elected police chiefs never became the UK way of doing things - well that is until this current 21st Century well-below-the-belt CAMERON CLEGG outfit have just lately introduced them.


Anyway back to Bright, Cobden and Co. and the 1842 PLUG PLOT/RIOT events. Very curious that the only people who faced criminal prosecution resulting from the 1842 disorders were Chartists altho' the Free Traders - who included B and C who were scrutinised officially to see if they might be worth charging. The then Tory hierachy cried off trying that on their cases even though it was very widely known and recognised that BRIGHT etc had done a fair amount of overtime to foment disatisfaction and unrest. JAMES MILL - AND THE ART OF REVOLUTION gave a taster for the so-called Great Reform Bill agitations of 1832 and things got more extremely manipulated to buggery a decade or so later - however the only folks who got nicked and put on trial were 60 plus CHARTISTS - SEE HERE. Chartist demands were far more proletarian than those of JOHN BRIGHT's mafia of FREE TRADERS. See HERE for an interesting anecdotal reference re Free Traders, Chartism and the August 1842 events.

Monday, 14 November 2011


WARNING - be very careful browsing this blogspot as you might get run over - I kid you not. Its obviously been like it for quite some time now and looked well set to continue. ST GEORGE PLC clearly doesn't have a very high regard for public safety judgeing by the way it has almost totally done away with paving for pedestrians at its NINE ELMS LANE "TOWER PROJECT" site. You could easily be forgiven for concluding that ST GEORGE PLC is TOWERING IN THE GUTTER given its blatant disregard for pedestrians and others in the immediate vicinity of its NINE ELMS LANE construction site. Just a residue of 17 inches of kerbing and paving combined is now available to accomodate those on foot happening 24/7 (including rush hour) to be passing in the immediate vicinity. It's a RED ROUTE too - not officially designated thus to accomodate spilt pedestrian blood methinks. The photographs speak for themselves. An OLYMPIAN dilema for passing women with children, the elderly or indeed whoever should be unlucky enough to have to pass in the immediate vicinity. -------------------

Local Vauxhall MP KATE HOEY, Lambeth Police and Oval Ward Councillors have all now been alerted and are on the case. So too are THE VAUXHALL SOCIETY. Time will tell how long it takes for ST GEORGE TOWERING IN THE GUTTER PLC to get its act together? ST GEORGE PLC is part of the somewhat boastful BERKELEY GROUP OF COMPANIES. WARNING - careful as you leave very heavy rush hour traffic about!!

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011


3 squatters - scrutinise carefully and you'll see them perched up high - Left click once then again to increase image size.

I'd just had an East Street Market mushroom omelette with salad including chopped beetroot and a large tea. Very nice and clocked the freebee METRO - especially the photospread about up-country cops having nicked allotment thieves after having made photo-fits of the veg that'd been lifted - click HERE. I missed a separate news report about 35 percent of rural Brazilian men having had sex with animals - click HERE. Well you cant have everything!! Meanwhile over in the West End students were getting done over by the Met fuzz.

Anyway without a cop anywhere in sight off I strolled along East Street homeward bound and suddenly they flew by just above head height. 3 Squatters! They flew inside the shop perched up and there they are - you can clock 'em in my photo. The shop owner didn't call DAVID CAMERON to kick-in with an urgent anti squatting law - oh no he smiled and it really made my day. We laughed together. Haven't seen that kind of squat operation before. Over to you ADVISORY SERVICE FOR SQUATTERS - did you put 'em up to it?

For the record I am confident that this was a one off circumstance which the shopkeeper but briefly tolerated of course he could not allow it to be long term - in its brevity however it was rare and very heartening.