Friday, 16 March 2012


CLICK on IMAGE to enlarge Harrods economic boycott downturn.
Oh woe woe the wyfee of BASHAR-AL-ASSAD went shoping in HARROD's - obviously with no shortage of handy dosh - while folk in SYRIA were being wiped out - to clock the lowdown click HERE. Course none of the UK's own wealthy political knobs luvvies would have gone shopping in Harrods while our own UK Forces were getting polished off in IRAK as a result of Toe-Rag Lying Scumbag Blair's activites. The London Evening Standard regularly ran page after full page unforgettable spreads during the first few years of the Irak WMD adventure clearly detailing how Harrod sales had fallen immensely because the ladyfolk connected to well flush UK politicians were boycotting HARROD's because our much treasured boys were getting wiped out in IRAK. Well our exclusive HARRODs foto (above) shows just how down market HARRODs had become simply because of the UK political class boycott. There can be no doubt at all that DAVID very pro WAR CAMERON's missus never set a single pristine foot in the joint and indeed still doesn't. There can be no doubt that this principled example of British "BACKBONE' will configure BIG TIME in late 2022 when the CHILCOTT REPORT finally sees the light of day.

Saturday, 10 March 2012


You can clickety click to greatly increase image sizes altho' all the boys are keeping their nappers well down. Hackford Road School Female Mafia - parts 1 to 6 in descending order. A touch damaged by being rolled-up for the best part of century. My old mother is there in the top row Part 4 with a bow in her hair. Being a love child she was in the early years of what was to be a haunting life sentence for not having ever set eyes on her well-off well connected Jewish father. Can't imagine that any of these photographed hoodlums are now still with us - except of course in our thoughts. A few of them have clearly been creasing themselves ever since - you'd sure need a wry sense of humour to stay rolled up with it for all those years. What a life eh - no Tele, no Facebook and no Twitter. Mind you they went on to have Ration Books so musn't grumble. And of course there was Jones The Dairy and the Co-op. And the local Undertaker. And boozers were still in-situ too ... and then came the drug scene and now THE RUSSELL HOTEL alas is no more. Ah well ... smile please ... click click .... 'Course there were blades about in those days too but not in the possession of youthful schoolkids.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Catriona Robertson is known for ducking and diving around the STOCKWELL and BRIXTON areas. Or maybe its clucking and diving. Re her early February BRIXTON BLOG epic - stand well back and click HERE for further minimal enlightenment - she would appear to have her nickers in a twist re "moderating her ultra bromide" blogspot. Presuming - unfairly on my part - that she wears knickers. No law what so ever against not doing so. Ah but maybe for the past 3 weeks plus she's been trapped aboard one of those COSTA CONCORDIA LINERS. What a loss! "If you like Lambeth in the (Catriona no knickers) Raw"eh - you couldn't make it up.


Catriona Robertson is one of the typical LAMBETH COMMUNITY POLICE CONSULTATIVE GROUP twits. The above RED hyperlink opens up to her BRIXTON BLOG spot about the Lambeth outfit. Critical comments I'd drafted thereon about her flat earth epic sat there unmoderated for over 3 weeks - she obviously couldn't face any comment getting actually exhibited thereon that criticised her efforts. And now the "comment" that'd awaited her moderation has since been dealt with - namely deleted so no one ever sets eyes on it. Years ago the Chair of the Lambeth Community Cops Cop Out Group was local Magistrate Greta Brookes - she wrote back in those days when critical points were raised about local coppering "Oh this Group is not about "police accountability" its about "police consultation". Several years later (2001) when - see here OPERATION DURSLEY - over 200 plus riot cops suddenly descended on the then local BUTTON FACTORY a squatted community centre in Herne Hill Road - and they went in big time and deliberately smashed the premises up so that it could no longer be used - this crap Group couldn't be prevailed upon to even discus the cop thuggery. "Oh no" wrote Nicholas Long (another LCPCG) cop out artist "we wouldn't discus this because it was police acting in support of bailiffs and so it was not a police operation".

Catriona Robertson writes that to experience "Lambeth Life in the Raw" one should attend the LCPCG. What a Stand Up comedian she is.

Go on the LCPCG website > link HERE < and you won't find single MINUTE yet posted for any of the monthly meetings after APRIL 2011. LAMBETH IN THE RAW eh!!

CATRIONA ROBERTSON burping that to experience LAMBETH IN THE RAW go visit the Group etcetera - put a critical comment on her blog and it wont get posted but deleted. Go to the LCPCG and they too won't publish Full Minutes only what they have a fancy for - there was a pointed row about it only just recently. They're a sad joke.