Wednesday, 18 June 2008


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Unlike central STOCKWELL at least PETRALIA SOTTANA did actually have public toilets even if, as illustrated, they were very filthy. And this KILROY intervention did create positive local controversy and action on the part in of the MUNICIPAL authorites - unlike grot LAMBETH COUNCIL. It was a pity that it took the up-front intervention of a " tourist" to achieve improvement - locals one and all of course well knew about the conditions that had long prevailed. God alone knows what a "tourist" would have to do to prompt GROT LAMBETH to take firm action.

Monday, 16 June 2008


The expression says it all -
truly a deep bowelled tragedy.

Monday, 9 June 2008


In an unprecedented move following a long ranging hush hush review which took in several hundred editions of The Archers stretching as far back as the period of Dixon of Dock Green the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has today announced the potential closure and re-classification of up to 60 London Police Stations as PUBLIC TOILETS. However Sir Ian has given assurances that no single Borough will be left without any Police Stations at all except those that willy nilly get left out "a la the Menezes Murder" because the Commissioner himself gets left out of the loop for no believably explicable reason.

Commissioner Blair readily acknowledged that as in the Menezes case police rightly came in for a great deal of shit and so this latest proposal is the Met’s heart felt way of meeting perceived public sensibilities more than half way. “A lot of my officers feel that this re-designation will go a long way to endear police to the public especially the elderly many of whom are virtually housebound because they are sorely under-catered for so far as public toilet provision is concerned”.

Many officers currently wastefully deployed in local back streets on “CENSUS” duties eventually hope to be re-deployed as “Neighbourhood Toilet Facilitators”. The Commissioner has given his word that none will be so deployed until having undergone full and rigorous training

The Commissioner has also used the occasion to point up the lesson he has drawn from the discovery only last Friday of an unexploded Second World War bomb in East London where there is a thriving Moslem Community. This astonishing discovery is now regarded as further reason why the period for holding suspects without charge should be extended to 42 days with the possibility of even further review and extension once the Police Stations into Public Toilets re-designation process gets under way. He was unable just now to offer a time frame for these eagerly awaited improvements. It is not known if Stockwell will benefit but KILROY is keeping his extended two fingers un-crossed.

Saturday, 7 June 2008


Click on IMAGE to read the latest super-slick GRIMEBALL REED LAMBETH LOW LIFE "Column". He's begging for it - wants folk to write to him about local difficulties - he'll leap up off his rear end and sort things!!

If only low life GRIME BALL REED could be relied upon to do it - unfortunately NOT.

This is the LAMBETH LOW LIFE who dealt off the very bottom of the pack at the 28 January Council Cabinet meeting that considered Lambeth public toilet provision.

Take him up on his LAMBETH LIAR offer - request him to provide the full guff on what exactly he is doing to provide public toilets in central Stockwell - see how far you DON'T get with it.

Ask him why it is that this borough wide problem has barely ever seen the light of day in LAMBETH LIAR?

When exactly is central Stockwell going to see the COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME in operation?

Why no LAMBETH LIAR feed back at all when it is over 4 months since the Lambeth Cabinet supposedly agreed to operate such a scheme?

Thursday, 5 June 2008


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It is extremely unlikely that Central Stockwell Penis Toting Headstand VD Crew will do much to prompt Lambeth Council out of its ongoing local loo provision lethargy.

Anyway VD has suddenly raised its unsavoury snouty profile (so to speak) on Hyde Southbank Homes run central Stockwell STUDLEY ESTATE. In fact close by to where BETTER BOOKIES side wall and also the nearby WAR MEMORIAL GARDEN trees are needs be very regularly used by the local “CAUGHT SHORT” community.

Those with a penchant for acrobatic penis inclined VD might quietly appreciate its “STAND UP” appeal. KILROY would much prefer boring old down to earth normal public toilet provision – much like had once locally existed for many many decades. In fact until September 1988 when a spot of LAMBETH COUNCIL fly by night jiggery pokery resulted in the closure for no good reason of five local public toilet facilities including of course those at the Stockwell Binfield Road intersection.

If anyone could quietly jinx LAMBETH COUNCIL “Leader” (so-called) GRIMEBALL REED and his “TERMINAL 5” cronies into Public Toilet Provision action let them get on with it. Alas as ever MIDDLEBORO ARE STILL PLAYING AWAY.